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By Johannes Heldén
The theme of the work is nature. As the work is loading, a quote appears: “It's not safe out here. It's wondrous.” The fog shifts to reveal a lone tree, a flock of birds scatter. A deep drone is sounding. When attempting to click on the birds different texts are activated. When managing to “catch” one of the birds, one of the previously dimmed texts will appear.
The visually striking work entices the reader to work the interface to make texts appear; a work that requires patience. The poetic text, in Swedish, alongside the persistent droning noise invokes an eerie, almost threatening atmosphere. The image of the lone spruce and the circling birds seem to underscore a sense of doom. The texts echo the insistence on coupling the materiality of the work with the understanding of the materiality of language. Väljarna presents--in words and construction--an exploration of the defamiliarization and double nature of poetic language, in a new media form.

The work also exists in an English version: Elect