technical information
To launch this work you will need an internet connection and Adobe Flash Player.
The piece requires headphones (or loudspeakers) and a webcam. The interaction with the piece lasts about 10 minutes.
loss Of Grasp
By Serge Bouchardon and Vincent Volckaert
Loss of Grasp is a digital creation about the notions of grasp and control. When do we feel we have a grip on our life or not? Six scenes feature a character who is losing grasp. At the same time, this play on grasp and loss of grasp mirrors the reader's experience of an interactive digital work.
Loss of Grasp, in French Déprise and in Italian Perdersi, plays with its readers’ expectations of how electronic texts are read, thwarting her mouse movements and making her keyboard inputs print out something else on the screen. This loss of control of the machine is echoed in Loss of Grasp’s central theme: a rumination on the expectations of life. A man struggles to understand the people around him, and like the reader he comes to the realization that control is illusionary.