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la Resocialista Internacional
By Andreas Maria Jacobs
La Resocialista Internacional intends to criticize the superficial and mundane policy towards visual experiences and tries to bridge the gap between cinema and internet. In doing so I am developing a kind of "Cinematographic Scraps," which either find their way as stand alone artworks or as experimental leftovers. It also serves a political purpose in misleading the audience, pointing them to the "wrong" direction in a Situationist / Debordian way. It is sourcing information regarding the border between sane and insane, correct and deviant etc, etc.
With Andreas Jacob’s La Resocialista Internacional we have a work in which it could be said that aesthetics is a bigger consideration than the readable text. The work is visually noisy, so much so that the text within the work could be viewed more as a design feature than something meant to be explicitly read. Anti-aesthetic as it is with its dirty design and scripting that has less to do with functionality than bombastic textual effect, the look and feel of the work is born of the network – referring back to codework and netart of the late 1990s.